Making Inappropriate Claims

Before content enters the approval workflow. Another way to reduce compliance revisions is to use an automated compliance tool like proofpoint.
Hootsuite’s proofpoint integration automatically blocks content for compliance standards violations. It flags specific items that need revision. Your social team can then make the changes before sending the post to the compliance team for review. This frees up your compliance experts to address more complex compliance requirements. It also reduces the amount of back and forth required for each post.
Here’s hoping you never have to go through a regulatory audit. But if you do, you’ll need records and archives of all your social media activity and communications.

Working with Influencers

Hootsuite integrates with solutions like brolly to automatically archive posts, comments, and other communications. Everything goes into a searchable archive with the complete context. Hootsuite also records your approval signoffs. You’ll have a full record of the approvals required by finra. 
Hootsuite makes social b2b email list marketing easy for financial service professionals. From a single dashboard, you can manage all your networks, drive revenue, provide customer service, mitigate risk, and stay compliant. See how the tool can work for your business.
Are you an aspiring social media manager or creator looking to showcase your work? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a dream job in the industry,

Linking to Third-Party Websites

Aiming to collaborate with top brands and make a name for yourself. Whatever the case, creating a stand-out social media portfolio is a must—it’s your ticket to success, recognition, and Canada email lead networking. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll discuss how you can create an effective and jaw-dropping portfolio that will get you noticed by your dream collaborators.
As a bonus, we’ll include a social media portfolio template to help you get started. Bonus: download a free, fully customizable social media portfolio template to make your work shine and land more clients.
What is a social media portfolio? A social media portfolio is a collection of your past and present social media campaigns, content, and projects.

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