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 jobs in 2022, with salary ranges ranging from $125,250 to $180,500. Interesting, right? Cloud architect skills To become a cloud architect, you need to master several skills, such as mastery of programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, C#, and good interpersonal, management, and leadership skills. Additionally, you must have the ability to design, implement, and deploy whatsapp number list cloud infrastructure. Most importantly, you must have knowledge about the IT ecosystem. backend developer What is a backend developer? To make it easier to understand the backend, let’s discuss the frontend first, as both are very familiar terms. The front end is the part of the application that end users see and use directly. People who work in this field are called front-end developers. Applications created by front-end developers can be web, mobile native, desktop, or other platforms.

A new type of phishing that shouldn

Bbe ignored With various types of phishing out there, it remains a serious security threat. Statistics remind us to remain vigilant. Kaspersky predicts that by 2021, 45.56% of emails will be spam. GOV.UK data shows that 83% of commercial entities have experienced phishing. According to Verizon, 36% of security breaches involve phishing. Meanwhile, phishing rates are at 90 percent, according whatsapp data to Cisco Umbrella. This is not something to be taken lightly, so we must continue to understand how to protect ourselves from phishing. Technology is constantly evolving. The same goes for the techniques used to run phishing. Let’s take a look at one of the technologies that has become a hot topic in the cybersecurity community recently: browser-in-browser phishing .

Browser style new phishing

attacksin the browser I assume the readers are already using single sign-on (SSO) facility for the authentication process. For example, when you want to log in to e-commerce, your friends can log in using a Google account, Facebook, etc. without having to enter an email and password. When using this feature, your browser may display a login popup like the one shown below. A new Canada Email Lead type of phishing that exploits pop-ups: A new type of phishing that looks like pop-up login windows It’s pretty bad because it looks very similar to the browser’s usual pop-up display window. The window can even be styled to look similar to browser windows in several popular operating systems (OS). Where is the danger? If the victim does.

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