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Pandemia Sin Embargo, Su Impacto No Queda Ahí,

They must apply it and companies that  Pandemia Sin  are not associatwith the influencers may also join it. The actions carriout by brands must always follow their theme and values, so the process of carrying out this type of advertising must be quite laborious. The recipe works and has been observin several successful actions. From Room Mate they work under agreement with the influencers and many times they use it and other times they don’t. “In Spain, at the moment, it is not regulariz and people can apply it or not.” “This new regulatory code serves to begin to set rules in the advertising game in

influencers españoles, la iniciativa de Noruega deja claro el abuso que se está haciendo de estos mios. Y son muchos los que piden que lo Business Database  legislen y que lo traigan cuanto antes a España para que el trabajo de influencer sea cada vez más transparente y honesto. PROFESIONALIZAR EL SECTOR La influencia de ciertas personas sobre la población ha hecho inevitable un nuevo Código en España pensado

.principalmente, para evitar que las stories o los posts en res sociales contengan mensajes comerciales disfrazados o

Let us not forget that a large percentage of

business database

hidden Let’s not forget that a large  Pandemia Sin percentage of users are minors, so they are a very influenceable sector. Influencer Marketing This code of conduct  Canada email lead  on the use of influencers in advertising has been approvby the Association for the Self-regulation of Commercial Communication (Autocontrol) and the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA). Great news for

 workers   in this sector, as for the first time they are leaving the regulatory limbo in which they found themselves. In this way, all sponsor content is affect, although the influencers’ own content remains intact. So, this

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