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In a format that.S super easy to digest. And you know their readers love them for it. Award for : keeping their promise 37. Zinio zinio examples of newsletters-zinio what is the only thing more attractive than the promise of a sale? The promise of a mysterious sale . Zinio is great at sending irresistible promotions like this one. Which promises not only a good sale. But a mystery not to be miss: will you get extra issues. 2 for 1 magazines. Or even 50% off your chosen title? Bonus points for an unconventional color scheme.

With its unconventionally long call

Award for : the charm of mystery winners: powerful calls to action 38. Aitthemes club themes newsletter examples-itthemes club Europe Email List often. We get carri away by our pithy. One-word calls-to-action. This is great if your cta lends itself well to a one-word button (e.G. “book”). But sometimes. A concise cta is an ambiguous cta. That.S why we applaud this email from aitthemes club. With its unconventionally long call-to-action button: view a real customer case study .

In a way that a short view never would have been

europe email list

It may not be short. But it is clear in its message. In a way that a short view never would have been. Award for : clarity in ctas 39. Greetabl greetabl   Canada email lead  newsletter examples – greetabl screenshot of venngage often. Calls to action require too many barriers to entry: do this. Fill out this form. Give us this. And that.S why we love this cta newsletter from greetabl. Which keeps it super simple with an easy “Reply to this email.” not only is it the simplest request in the world of email. But that simple “reply to” suggests there is a person on the other end of the email. And this implication is priceless

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