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Nees in this area should be define as creating a potential customer base that the company will expand through its distinctive competences.” egar Geffroy in “Clienting: the only thing that gets in the way is the customer” emphasizes that the vision has nothing to do with products, because they are constantly changing, evolving. Vision is a fundamental task that may seem impossible for a company at first. Every company should make sure that its vision is as short, simple, concise and understandable as possible, so that every consumer can remember it, and every employee – understand and implement it in everyday activities in the company.

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The mission and vision, when they are known.  To the employees of the organization, increase their motivation, give a sense of the sense of the activities performe, and stimulate.  Them to be creative. Company vision – quotes.  The company’s Latest Mailing Database vision is set in the future, as Halina Buk talks about in “Modern financial management. Planning and control”: “a vision is a conceptualization of the future state of the company, it indicates what areas of activity and at what time the company will focus in the future.

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A well-formulate and articulate vision gives direction to personal. Ambitions and creativity, creates a climate conducive to radical change, strengthens faith in.  The future and thus releases the energy of employees.” – you can read in. The Canada email lead essence of development strategies in the practice of Polish enterprises.” Jens Dahlgaard explaine in detail three terms that are often confuse with each other: company vision, mission and strategy. Each of these concepts is the basis for the proper operation of the company, without them your organization may not develop as it should. A precisely define vision, mission and strategy allows you to pave the way and direction for the company’s activities.

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