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Pinterest boards If you are a company, I recommend that you create boards based on the product category, for example: If you are a footwear store and you have several products for sale, create one by category, one called sneakers, other boots, other flip-flops. What is give you an idea. Boards are a very convenient way to categorize and order your publications , where you can also create subboards, to have the content much more organized. How Pinterest works in Spanish To make you aware of the power of this social network. Pinterest accumulated 17 million. more users in its database in the last months.

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This brings it to a whopping 459 million active email database users per month . Once that is clarified, I will explain the main functions of Pinterest so that you can go deeper and deeper into this social network. Home feed: It is the place where the network shows you all the content that the accounts of the profiles you follow have. Magnifying glass or search bar. Here you can enter the content. You want to search for on the social network. In this section you will find: Recent searches.

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Recommended searches as Canada Email Lead you type the keyword. Pinterest Ads Manager : This social network also has its advertising space so you can reach more potential customers. Browser button. It is an extension for your browser where you can save any image from the internet to your Pinterest boards. What is with just a few clicks. Available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Visual Search. You won’t find it on all Pins. If the user activated this function. Pinterest, through an intelligence program, will show you other content related to the products shown in the image you are viewing.

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