To create a website. 4 questions to ask

To create a website. 4 questions to ask what should you ask at the design stage of a website? What are the things to consider to do a good job? Creating a website is like creating a business card online. You have to make sure that it reflects your personality.  Provides all the information you need and that it is attractive. To new potential customers. So having clear ideas from the beginning is essential. Before you even think about the site’s graphics, ask yourself four questions to take the right path. Then you’ll think about the layout, design and transfer of the structure to wordpress. What are the objectives of the website? 

What are the objectives of the website?

Think about what you want to get users who come to your site. Special Data What are the benefits of getting from the web? What you have available, in fact, is a very powerful tool to push people to take certain actions online – purchases, requests for quotes, send emails … Decide what is relevant (for you and for them).  And build ideal navigation routes to guide users to the desired action.  Through calls to action and clear and relevant images and texts. I want to build my website imageimage who is the website for? Ask yourself what types of people you want to address, or you are addressing. Who are your type users? Do they coincide with your customers? Pitting the question will help you decide which language to use on the site 

Who is the website for?

Better simple words or technical terms? Canada Email Lead  And how to ask yourself against them.  (in this regard read the guide article on the setting of the company tone of voice). This analysis is also useful for selecting the most suitable images.  And generally establishing visual elements, such as colors. What is the content of the website? Think about everything you have to say online, taking care.  To eliminate the superfluous always according to your goals. Sort information in a hypothetical hierarchical structure highlighting.  The most useful and relevant ones, for you and for users. This rule applies to the homepage, but also to the internal pages of the site. Don’t forget that your website must be able to reach people.  Both on the desktop and mobile sides. 

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