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The free LinkIn search engine is around per month commercial use limit linkin If you exce this limit, you will see a message saying” You’ve reach the commercial use limit on search “. This means that you will not be able to export any more search results until the next month. This limit is impos to ensure that LinkIn’s resources are not overus by free users. If a user exces the limit, they will have to upgrade to a linkin premium account. . The daily profile export limit So first, you are limit on the number of search you can make and export. But that’s not all. LinkIn also has a daily limit on how many profiles you can export per day. This limit depends on your linkin account type and subscription level. linkin profile export daily limit.

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For example, if you have a free LinkIn seo expate bd account, you can only export up to profiles per day. If you have a Sales Navigator account, you can export up to profiles per day. If you try to do more you might end up in Linkin jail. linkin jail export Still, if you have search results it mean you will ne between and days to enrich all these profiles. This way too long. (But I’ll show a solution for that in next part) For now, let’s talk about the last limit: The search results limit. . The search results limit LinkIn also has a limit on how many search results it displays for each search query.

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Pages of results Canada email lead meaning search results maximum. linkin search results export limit If you can access them, it means you can’t export them either. That is clearly limiting your access to good leads or candidates profiles. If you want to access more profiles eyond this limit, there are techniques you can use. Let’s see them right now How to export more than , results from a LinkIn search? If you want to export more than , results from a LinkIn search, you can do two things: Split your searches into several chunks Use Linkin Sales Navigator . Split your searches into several chunks suing filters One way to export more than , results from.

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