WhatsApp for companies? Soon reality

Whatsapp for companies? Soon reality the service, interesting also for mp quadro, could already . Be available at the end of the year: so whatsapp business will improve communication . Between companies and customers. “creasing value for people, and now also for businesses” is whatsapp’s . Ambitious new goalwhatsapp. The most famous instant messaging platform.  Us every day by more than a billion users, announc the imminent arrival . Of a “toodle” application dicat to companies that want to spe up . Communication with their customers. In a few months mp quadro could also have its own verifi whatsapp company . Profile and be among the first web agencies to offer the service to its customers. 

What is WhatsApp Business

A few days after the shocking news of the. Latest Database WhatsApp blockade in China, here is what there is to know about . the business-orient tool that in a few months will land all over the world. What is WhatsApp Business WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging . application specifically design to meet the nes of companies . currently being test for some companies in Europe, Brazil, India and Indonesia. Once releas (perhaps as early as December 2017). it will be available in a free basic version for small and mium-siz. businesses, and in an enterprise version for large-scale businesses. “We are building and testing new tools blog ufficiale di. WhatsAppthrough the WhatsApp Business application. free of charge and for small businesses, and through an enterprise solution .

How WhatsApp Business Works

These companies will be able to use our solutions to send their customers . Canada Email Lead Useful notifications, such as flight schules, confirmations of delivery, or other updates.” how whatsapp business works.  The enterprise version of whatsapp business will allow the californian. Giant of menlo park to monetize part of its services.  Offering the most structur companies . A complete and effective customer care relationship tool. Digitalic speculat that the paid app could allow more people to . Manage different accounts or send large amounts of messages. It could also allow transactions or be integrat with artificial intelligence systems.  According to il sole 24 ore whatsapp business will be connect to . Whatsapp payments, which will be us to make payments between users in peer to peer mode.  

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